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Profit, capital gain, dividend without exchange rate impact

Hi, I am using this site to compute track my portfolio. They have a different way of displaying the performance of the portfolio. Like in picture below.
Is there any way I can compute capital gain, profit, dividend in its origin currency only. And then compute exchange rate impact separately. And then summing them up would equal my total profit after exchang rate impact.
Thanks for the great tool by the way, I have been enjoy using it.


  • Currently, in Portfolio Slicer each report shows all calculations in a single currency based on the selection in ReportCurrency slicer.
    It would be easy enough to create a few new measures to see what you want:

    Value Change in Orig Currency:= [Value Change] - [Exch Rate Impact]
    Dividends in Orig Currency:= CALCULATE([Dividends], ReportCurrency[ReportCurrency] = "*Original*", ALL(ReportCurrency))

    Existing measure [Profit] already shows you total profit (ValueChage+Dividends) in the selected currency.
  • Hi Vidas,
    Thank you for your work with PS. Very impressive tool that I have been using for several years now.
    I am also interested in splitting the capital gain between original currency and see exchanging rate impact separately. Since I am only on basic level when it comes to Power Pivot and measures - It would be helpful if you could elaborate your answer to more detail. For example, I do not find [Value Change] measure to include in new proposed measure Value Change in Origin Currency. Do you mean Capital Gain measure as Value Change?
    Thank you in advance.
  • dinotuf, sorry for the confusion. In version 2.4 this was called capital gain and in version 3.x (beta, still testing) that column was renamed to value change.
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