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Intraday Quote Yahoo error

Hi since yesterday, i have this error

Could you tell me what to fix in the powershell to fix it

there is no '' in html that came back)



  • Same error here, i think yahoo changed their html...
  • You need to modify in the intraday quote script the value 31 by 29

    BEFORE $startStr = "Mb(-4px) D(ib)`" data-reactid=`"31`">"; $endStr = "";

    AFTER $startStr = "Mb(-4px) D(ib)`" data-reactid=`"29`">"; $endStr = "";

  • Thanks it's working,
  • Thanks for the fix Luc! My quote update didn't give me any error codes, but also didn't create the intraday price file. Fortunately, your solution worked.
  • Thanks Luc! I changed my script too.
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