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Data in PS Data files not right

I can get the Portfolio Slicer to work I think, but when I look at the Quotes.csv file it displays neither tab or comma delimited. The data looks like this "2016-10-204.09FTR" and it is all in one cell. When I set the psConfig.txt file to "comma" instead if "tab" then it will display the data in the Quotes.csv file as tab delimited, but then Portfolio Slicer does not run. It says the files columns are not correct. So then when I go into Power Pivot and try to assign columns for Quotes it says there is not connection to the file. What might I have wrong with this file? I have the schema.ini in the PS Data folder.


  • Could you please send me your all files in PSData folder and psConfig.txt file? I have not see problem you reported yet. My email is posted on the this page:
  • Hi,

    Thanks for sending me your files. All your files are correct - they have proper TAB symbol between columns. You probably are opening these files in Excel and Excel does not show TAB separated values in separate columns. to confirm you can try to open these files in notepad (select file, right mouse click, then "Open With" and you will see that values have special TAB symbol between.
    You said PowerPivot says "there is not connection to the file" - that is different problem. By default PS expect that these csv file will be in the folder c:\PortfolioSlicer\PSData. If you have full PowerPivot support, you can change external data location:
    So please confirm that files you created are in the same folder where PowerPivot is pointing too.
  • Hi Vidas,
    Yes I see the tabs now when I open in notepad. So the tabs were there all the time I just did not see them in the Excel csv file. I also then changed the default for opening .csv files to notepad. W ith that change the file in PowerPivot is also tab whereas before it was comma separated. So now even my 150 positions and 330 transactions PowerSlicer is working beautifully.
    Thanks much!
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