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Cannot retrieve quotes from site although direct url in browser works

Hi all,

Thanks for this great piece of work ! I use Portfolio Slicer since several days only, but I managed to make it work with updates from yahoo thanks to the documentation and your video that are very helpfull.

Since I am in Europe, I own some Mutual Funds that are only listed in The first time I ran update.bat, several quotes were retrieved from yahoo, but I got a popup linked to an invalid certificate from I think. I discarded it the first time.

I use Excel 2013 under Windows 10.

Now it appears that it is not possible to retrieve quotes from I have created manually a quote file _A0X8U6_.txt in directory quotes and it is taken into account in Portfolio. I would like to solve the update issue from and I have put the url in my browser. It works, but from powershell script I have the following error : :cry:

15:03:25 --- Starting script GetQuotesAriva.ps1. Symbol count: 2. MinDate: 2014-12-31
Symbol: A0X8U6
Found quote file. Looking for quotes starting from: 2016-11-02
Requesting url:
A0X8U6 - Not Found (web err)

Symbol: 630928
Requesting url:
630928 - Not Found (web err)

Could you please advise ?

Thanks very much in advance !
Jean-Luc T.


  • Hi,

    This script was done by another PS users. I exchanged messages with that user, and got a reply that he is not going to be able to look into this soon. Sorry.
    I looked into this code myself too and code is complicated, above my understanding level. But it appears that ariva changed their page format so that script does not work anymore.
    So sorry, but it appears that Ariva is not an option anymore to get automated quotes from.
  • Hi,

    Thanks very much for this quick reply ! I will check if there is no other way to retrieve from yahoo or google.

    Best regards,
    Jean-Luc T.
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