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BBD-PC.TO; TSE:BBD-C delay in obtaining quotes

Hi there. It takes more than 12 hours (and perhaps as much as 24 hours) after market close before the closing price is loaded with the scripts. All other quotes appear shortly after market close.


  • Based on the format I can see that you are getting quotes from Google website. Google post quotes 5hrs after market close, many days this can happen later.
    If possible, you should consider getting quotes from Yahoo. Existing scripts can get 20min delayed quotes from Yahoo website. On the Yahoo website same symbol (I believe, please check) would be: BBD-PC.TO
    To switch:
    1. Delete existing TSE:BBD-C file from \Quotes\ sufolder (2 files should be there)
    2. In Symbol table replace TSE:BBD-C with BBD-PC.TO
    3. In SymbolSector table replace TSE:BBD-C with BBD-PC.TO
    4. Add to SymbolAlias table TSE:BBD-C map to BBD-PC.TO. With this mapping you can keep TSE:BBD-C in Transactions table and this will be loaded as BBD-PC.TO.

  • Vidas,


    1. Done
    2. I assume you mean the table in srcSymbol worksheet. Done. Symbol turns RED.
    3. What table is SymbolSector table? Can't find.
    4. Done. Turns red.

    Rerun scripts, nothing at all comes in for BBD-PC.TO.

    What have I missed?


  • Hi,

    >> You: I assume you mean the table in srcSymbol worksheet. Done. Symbol turns RED.

    Yes table in srcSymbol worksheet, starting from column A. If Symbol turns RED, you need to investigate this - you probably added your own formatting that would make symbol turn red (there are no rules for that when worksheet is released, otherwise any symbol you would add would turn red).

    >> What table is SymbolSector table? Can't find.
    This is in srcSymbol worksheet, columns M..P

    >> 4. Done. Turns red.
    That means you did not do step 2 - "In Symbol table replace TSE:BBD-C with BBD-PC.TO"

    Also, make sure you add this symbol into psConfig.txt file into Yahoo area, so you would get quotes for it.
  • OK, thanks. all done now as suggested. Now, only tonight's quote shows and all historical data for symbol is gone. How do I force a download of historical quotes? Thanks.
  • Hi,

    I looked into this issue. Before suggesting switch to Yahoo as source, I checked their website and confirmed that they have historic quotes.
    If you go to this page: you will see historic quotes. But then there is a link "Download Data", that is not working for this symbol. It appears to be an issue with yahoo financial website. I am not sure if this is temporary issue, or if that issue was there for long time.
    Because that "download data" does not work, you will not be able to use Yahoo finance to get data.
    Sorry, but that means that you will have to switch back to Google as source and accept delays.

    Again, sorry for confusion.
  • Vidas, I switched back but nothing comes in from Google, not today's quote nor historical. Any other suggestions? Thanks so much.
  • Vidas, I added the symbol to psconfig.txt under both Google and Google Web and the numbers came in. Thanks for you help.
  • I am glad it works. Please sometimes check yahoo link too, as when they will fix historical data, you will be able to use it
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