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CurrExch files are no longer updating for me...Can someone help?

Hi all,

Hoping someone can assist. For some strange reason, the CAD_USD.txt and USD_CAD.txt files in my CurrExch folder are no longer updating.

When I run the UpdatePSData.bat file, it tells me the "local quote file already is up to date" but it's not. The latest exchange rate shown is from 2016-10-07.



  • Never mind, I tried the good ol' workaround.

    I deleted both files and ran the .bat again. This time it is up to date.
  • CanRulez,

    You did right thing - if for some reason some quote refresh stops, it is good idea to backup existing files to safe location, then delete files and re-run .bat files.
    Just a not - for currency exchange .bat files can get last 10 years of data. So if you already have more than 10 years of data (I do :) ) then after re-extracting you would manually have to add old data from old files.

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