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Error in Updating srcTrans Worksheet

When I try to refresh the data after updating the srcTrans worksheet. I got the attached screen error. Please also find my Excel spreadsheet attached to reproduce the error. Please help. Thanks.


  • Could you please also send me all files from c:\portfolioslicer\psdata folder. My email is posted at page:
  • The previous issue was solved. Here is another one I encountered. Attached are all the data files. Thanks.
  • In PSData folder there is file Error.txt that list errors in your files. It appears that in most of your files MinDate does not match. It appears that you set MinDate, did data extract and then changedMinDate. So either set MinDate back, or backup and then delete existing quotes/dividends/currexch files and the re-extract data.
  • Successful now. Thanks.
  • I entered the transactions and the cost basis works fine on my first portfolio. But for my 2nd portfolio, all the Avg Book Value and Cost Basis were shown as zero. I have entered the share price and quantity for the BUY transactions. What happened?

  • Please check that account currency. Also try changing report currency to original and see if that makes difference. Finally, make sure that transaction price is after you have currency exchange data.
  • It is fine not to combine HKD transactions and USD transactions. However, when I want to combine both the HKD and USD transactions, I got the error during refreshing the data. Attached are the 3 sets of data. Would you please advise how to fix the combined portfolio? Thanks.
  • Superroy2,

    You must define symbols in SYmbol table if you have Quotes or Dividends data for. Now, for example dividends for XLE and 3636.HK is loaded into model, but there are no symbols XLE and 3636.HK defined.

    So make sure that you clean your data, then attempt refresh and when you hit error just do ESC. You might need to do few refreshed before old data is flushed out from the model. Or you can do selective data refresh (read more here:, but adding info to Symbol table and then refreshing just Symbol table.
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