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Starting new website and new forum

Feb 24, 2016 - Starting new website that uses new technology. Decided not to migrate existing forum posts as new version of Portfolio Slicer will have different issues anyway. So this is first post for new version in the new forum.


  • Thanks for the update VidasMatelis. I really like version 1 and think it was not too complicated to setup.
    However I am struggling a bit with version 2, and understanding the documentation and unsure if my migration to version 2 is working as intended. Is the documentation on the website still a work in progress?
  • Documentation is mostly done, if you have any issues, please post them in this forum. You will like v2 as well. After migration issues are fixed, please try Portfolio Slicer for Power BI - even if you do not want to see reports on your Phone. This additional interface refreshes data much faster (like less than 10sec) and has interactive graphs - you select one element and all other elements are filtered by that. There will be video later on that.
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