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Change the Treatment of Year from Calendar Year (Jan -Dec) to Financial Year (April - March)


Is it possible to change the treatment of year from calendar year (Jan-Dec) to Financial Year (April-March).

Basically, I want my return numbers for 2017 to be for April 2017 to March 2018 instead of Jan 2017 to Dec 2017.

Can you please help on this?



  • Hi Arun,

    The fiscal year is not supported in Portfolio Slicer. If you know PowerPivot and basic DAX, you could implement that yourself, but you would have to change calculations for some of the fields on Dates table. Table Dates has just one real column "Date" and all other columns are calculated. You could change formulas to match your fiscal year. For example, currently column "Year" has the formula:
    You could change that to:
    =IF(Month([Date]) >= 4, Year([Date]), Year([Date])-1)

    Above change is most important one, but there might (or might not) be required that you would also adjust QuarterInYear and MonthInYear calculations (if any of your pivots use them).
    It is possible that you might also need to change "Mths-Last xx)".

    Of course, for this change you need to have Excel version with full access to PowerPivot.

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