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Cannot create relationship

I cannot longer refresh the data because I'm receiving the following error: "We couldn't get data from the Data Model. Here's the error message we got: Cannot create relationship from the 'Trans' table to the 'Symbol' table because the 'Symbol' column in the 'Symbol' table has duplicate values."
In the Symbol table, however, there are no duplicate symbols. Any help?


  • Hi,

    Could you please make absolutely sure that at the end of the symbol table there are no empty rows. In Excel last row and last column on the right has special corner symbol - please confirm you see that symbol for the row you expect to see.
    If that does not work - you can send me your worksheet - but you can delete all tabs, except symbol tab (for privacy) and I'll take a look. My email is posted on this page:
  • The table looks fine, with the special corner symbol in the last cell. I'll send you the table, if you need anything else let me know. Thank you.
  • Your Symbol table is ok. So problem is somewhere else. To investigate I will need your Excel workbook and all files from psdata folder. For privacy, before sending me your Excel workbook you can change numbers or delete some rows, but make sure that after chqnges you get same error on refresh.
  • In srcSymbol worksheet, table Symbol very first record is for symbol "* Cash". By default MER value for this record MUST BE "0.0000001%", but you changed that value to 0.0%. This value 0.0000001% is there to tell PowerPivot data model that it should expect that all values in that column will be decimal, but changing value to 0 makes model not able to understand value that are coming in. This is an issue with modeling PowerPivot data and I have no control over it - this is how Microsoft choose to do so.
    So solution for you - change MER value for symbol "* Cash" back to original value and you should be able to refresh without problems.
  • Thanks, I corrected and it works!
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