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Tracking Cash Going Forward

Hello, I have setup PSSlicer with 5 years of historical data and I want to confirm my use of the transaction codes will yield correct reporting.

I have Track Cash set to "Yes", however, I don't want to track cash for my historical data. Is my approach to handle these historical transactions correct in order to support proper reporting:
1. All historical purchases are specified as SymbolTransferIn
2. All historical sales are specified as Sell; with an immediate follow-on transaction of Withdraw for the exact amount.

Going forward I will track cash and will use deposit, buy, sell, withdraw.

Thank you.

And to those who celebrate, Merry Christmas!



  • Hi Mark,

    Yes - what you described is exactly what I would do - this should work.
  • Thank you Vidas.

    Also, I'm sure this has been reported before but I *think* the documentation (both online and the comment in the spreadsheet) is incorrect for SymbolTransferIn and SymbolTransferOut...the descriptions appear reversed to me. The following is from the website.

    SymbolTransferIn - Transferring symbol out of account, but not considered sale. Need to specify number of shares transfered out (Qty) and fair price on the day of the transfer
    SymbolTransferOut - Transferring symbol into account. Need to specify number of shares transfered in (Qty) and fair price on the day of the transfer. Also specify original book value in "BookValueOverride" to track proper capital gain

    I would have thought SymbolTransferIn was transferring the symbol into the account not out and vice versa.

    If i am mistaken, i apologize.

    Thanks Vidas.

  • Mark,

    Thank you for reporting this - I updated description!
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