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Symbol column V not updating from Symbol name

I am migrating from V1.0.2 to V2.2. When I copy the transactions from my old work book to the new the symbol column V does not update the symbols from the scrSymbol sheet. Even the cash name shows a red in column E. Have tried doing manual entries but does not work either.


  • First make sure that rows in Symbol table do belong to table and are not outside. Usually you would see that because at the end of table right bottom cell has very small edge symbol at the end.
    If all looks good, could you please send me your workbook. You can leave just few transactions in there, but make sure they show the problem.
    My email:
  • I figured out what I was doing wrong. I had assume the table was the same as in the version 1.x. Did'nt get the symbol alias table had to be filled with all the names.
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