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Dashboard - Deposits (percentage info)

Hello Vidas,

First off, Happy New Year.

I am a first time user of PS and just set up the starting basis in the "src sheets". Basis is all my portfolio positions at the end of 2017 with the prices of the last trading day (12/29/2017). As far as I can tell everything worked ok, the holdings tab shows the entire listing of my positions with the correct values. As all the positions are just a kind of carry-over into this tool, I chose "SymbolTransferIn" as the TransType in the worksheet "scrTrans. These have been the only changes to the original srcTrans sheet (the first row is unchanged from the original PS file)

However, there is something strange in the Dashboard. The total value at the top is ok. The deposit is now as high as the total value and the resulting percentge is 200%.

What am I doing wrong here?

Thank you for your support.
Rgds, Ralph


  • Ralph,

    Today will be first open market day after your start date. Refresh after markets are open and see if that changes for better. If no, I will have to look at your workbook.
  • Ok, thank you ... I will check and come back. Thank you.
  • Well, I played with some prices of today and as far as the calculation of the capital gains and FX impacts, it worked flawlessly. The box "Deposits/Wdrwls" in the Dashboard showed "0" (Zero), which is correct (please note, all holdings as of 12/29/2017 are with the TransType "SymbolTransferIn". The box "Total Value" in the Dashboard showed the total value as of today, which is perfect.

    But here is the weird thing. The boxes "Profit / Loss" and "Capital Gains" in the Dashboard showed the amount of the box "Total Value". Furthermore, in spite of a correct calculation of the capital gains and FX impacts, the section Holdings% of the Dashboard did not show the Top10 winners/losers.

    So, I played around a bit with the TransType by changing it to "Buy", after which the following occured. The box "Total Value" in the Dashboard showed today's capital gain. The other boxes showed the same amount as described above.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!
  • Could you please double check that you have quotes for last days of last year.If you have, can you send me your workbook? My email is posted on Contact page.
    My replies will be slower as I am on vacation.
  • Hi,

    I looked at your workbook and all looks good, except that in Dates.csv there is no date for 2018-01-01. That is why you have drop in value for that date and then capital gain for last day in 2018-01-02. I am on vacation and I cannot investigate further, but I suspect all should recover tomorow. If no, let me know and I will investaigte next week when I am back home.
  • Vidas, that missing date caused the issue. Now everything works. As far as the file "Dates.csv", is my understanding right that this file is required to contain an uninterrupted timeline, irrespective of a specific date being a trading day?

    Thank you so much for your great support.
  • This file is created by script and should not have missing days, I will review later what happened after my vacation.
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