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Issue with Cash Value

Hi Vidas,

I am tracking cash in my Portfolio Slicer document. Under my srcTrans tab, the cash balance is showing up correctly and matching what is on my broker account. However under dashboard, the cash value of the account is higher by quite a bit and I am unsure of why this is. Any ideas?



  • Could be:

    1. Reported currency is different from account currency.
    2. Check GenDiv tab - you might have generated dividends that are deposited i to account. You can also see that is psdata\Dividends.csv file
  • Hi Vidas,

    1. My accounts are only in CAD and everything is reported as original.
    2. There are dividends here, however I entered my dividends manually into the srcTrans because the yahoo reported values are slightly different than what is reported through the blackrock website. But even adding the srcTrans cash balance with the total in DivGen is still below what is reported in Dashboard
  • If you entered dividends payments manually, delete all files from Dividends subfolder and refresh.
  • That did it. Oops! I was playing around with automatic dividends until I realized the values arent as accurate as those provided through blackrock. Sorry for the silly mistake, thanks for your help Vidas, as always.
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