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Older Transactions not Recognized

Hi There,

I have a problem with Portfolio Slicer recognizing some old transactions. First transaction I made was on May 2011. However, looking at my monthly account balances, the first day shows 12/31/2014, everything before that is ignored. As a results, any asset I purchased before that day doesn't show. And when I sell those assets the balance (naturally) goes negative. No issue with accounts started after Jan 2015

Min date in src tab shows correctly 5/1/2011. There doesn't seem to be any issues with the date formats in the srcTrans tab.

Any idea what might've caused this? I have the latest version. Furthermore, I downloaded another version and started from scratch- same issue.



  • OK, so the Archive files in the Quotes folder go back only until the end on 2014. How do I make them go back to May 2011?
  • Make a backup of all files in Quotes folder, delete files, change MinDate in psConfig.txt and re-run extracts. Also change MinDate in src worksheet config table
  • Fixed it! Somehow, the psConfig file had the MinDate 2014-12-31...

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