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The most dumb question ever asked

I've been using Portfolio Slicer to track my investments for a while now and I have a really dumb question ask of someone, referring to the srcTrans tab.

I have entered all of my investments (over time) and have been tracking them without issue. Recently I just purchased a new investment and I cannot get that lone investment to track. For only that single investment the symbolName column shows as a RED cell with the ticker symbol entered. If I enter any other ticker in that cell the cell appears normal. The rest of the data for that investment all enters fine. That one investment entry will not appear in any other tab such as holdings even after doing a 'refresh all'

Does anyone have any insight to this?



  • Hi,

    Could you please confirm that you entered that Symbol information into srcSymbol worksheet Symbol table. Then make sure that you added info about that symbol into psConfig.txt file - into Yahoo (or other) section to get quotes for that symbol.
  • :o
  • Well, I'm still unable to track the investment. I did have an error in my psConfig file, spelling error for the investment which I found and fixed after your last comment. However, correcting the spelling error I still see the item cell as red in the srcTrans tab after running UpdatePSData and doing a refresh all.

    This is the basic information from my psConfig file, this is the investment that won't track.


    I see Quote files, _XOM_ and the _XOM_Archive and they each have data within them to 2019-01-23 but nothing will appear within the Holdings tab
  • Did you check Symbol table in srcSymbol worksheet? Is that Symbol there and there are no extra spaces at the end in Symbol table and Trans table?
  • Must be cut/paste putting erroneous characters in the SrcSymbol tab, that was it. Thanks so much!
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