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New install Error on refresh

Hi Vidas,

I've setup Portfolio Slicer from scratch for 2019, entered my initial stock buys, and I'm getting the following error when trying to update/refresh. Not sure what I've done wrong here? Thanks for any help....


  • This error usually indicates that in some months calculated capital gain % (part of Profit %) does not make sense. First change Report currency to "*Original*" and make sure there is no error. If there is error, then you are missing exchange rates.
    Second reason why you could see is - when you do not have quotes for a month when you held a symbol. So first step - please make sure that you have all quotes.

  • Thanks Vidas, where am I changing Report currency to Original?
  • Change it (or make sure it is already selected) for:
    Holdings worksheet, Report Currency Slicer
    YEarly worksheet, Report Currency slicer

  • Hi Vidas,

    Still can't figure this out. My reports are set to original. You say I might be missing exchange rates?

    I've checked my quotes folder and they are all there as far as I can tell? I set my start date to the last day of 2016. And all my stock purchases were Nov 2017. All my quotes start from Jan 2017.

    Any ideas?
  • Can you send me your workbook?
  • Yep, can you remind how to do that?
  • What files do you need?
  • I just need your Excel workbook. My email is posted on this page:
  • 1 - (small issue). Config has MinDate as 2016-12-31, but you have quotes/exch rates from 2014-12-31
    2 - (mail issue) You have 23 symbols defined, but Quotes file has just 7 symbol quotes. Please review your quotes.csv file and figure out why quotes are not included into quotes.csv file.
    To see what quotes are includex in Excel 2010 - Click on PowerPivot menu, then "PowerPIvot Window" button, then select Quotes table and drop down next to symbol header.
  • Hmmm? The only quotes included in the powerpivot window are the default symbols that the database starts off with (VT,VOO,VWO, etc). None of my symbols are in the Powerpivot drop down window. When I do a refresh all in Powerpivot everything fails. Have I installed some of the working folders in the wrong place? This is the error message.

  • Files should be in c:\PortfolioSlicer\PSData.
    Please check psConfig.txt for PSDataFolder set value
  • Yep the files are there, and have been updated when I did the last psdata update run this afternoon. The quotes.csv file has all my symbols in there.

    Any ideas?
  • Based on the above error message, file C:\PortfolioSlicer\PSData\CurrencyConv.csv cannot be opened.
    Can you please take a screenshot of c:\PortfolioSlicer\PSData folder and post it here? This folder should have 5 files.
    Also, make sure that for extract you used latest extract scripts.

  • Hi Vidas, here's the screenshot.
  • Hi VIdas,

    Ok so no idea what I did, but after restarting my PC this evening, and refreshing everything, it's all working now! Thanks for your help!
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