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Rebalance Portfolio with new money added

Does anybody know how I can do portfolio rebalance with new money added?

Currently, PS suggests the rebalance based on the current account status, but I would like to know how to rebalance when I want to invest say $1000.

My current workaround has been to add cash to an account and then refresh the workbook to learn the suggested rebalance. Is there a better way perhaps? This is an attempt to reduce "SELL" transactions, as my brokerage allows buying ETFs for free


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    I do exactly like you - first I deposit cash, refresh data and then see where money should be invested. I do not sell, just add money to symbol that is most out of balance.
    For faster refreshing, I always use PowerBI instead of Excel.
  • PowerBI does refresh faster, but in order to add the hypothetical cash, I still need to add the entries to the srcTrans worksheet in the workbook. And then run a refresh on the workbook. Finally, I run a refresh on PowerBI for publishing the data to the web.

    Is there a quicker way?
  • Hi,

    There is no better way to do this with provided reports. But, because these reports are in Excel, you can easily add your on Excel calculations.
    Copy allocation report data to separate workbook and use Excel formulas to calculate how additional deposits should be used.
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