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Entering Fees

I'm trying to figure out how to enter fees into the workbook using the categories you have programmed in. In my case these were management fees for mutual funds. The fees were deducted directly from each mutual fund ticker resulting is less shares being owned afterwards. If I make the entry as BankFee then the SymbolName cannot be the ticker name, resulting in the share balance being incorrect. If I enter the fee as a Sell then it adds the amount back into the Cash balance, which is incorrect.

Is there a way to enter fees and have it deduct from the share balance without impacting cash balance?


  • Hi Smith,

    There are few ways to handle this, but none of them are perfect.
    1. You enter TransType="Split" and enter negative quantity, example -0.0123 This would make sure that total share amount is correct, but you would not be able properly track total expense for that symbol.
    2. You enter one transaction with type SellTA with proper qty and total amount you paid as fee and another transaction as bank fee with transaction subtype of something special for your symbol, like FeeMutF1. But this way you would have to enter 2 transactions for every fee.
  • Vidas,

    I tried your suggestion using SellTA but didn't get the results I was expecting. This may be another case of the number being so small that it's impacted by the rounding.

    Below is one of my entries. The fee is 0.05.
    TransType: SellTA
    Qty: .0013
    Price: 38.267418

    Results from calculated columns:
    TotalAmnt: 38.27
    CashImpact: 38.27
    CashBalance: Increases by 38.27
    QtyChange: -0
    QtyHeld: too small to see any change since displayed value is rounded to 2 decimals
    CBI: (0.05) the correct value of the transaction.

  • Hi, as you are using transaction type "SellTA", then you should be specifying Price: 0.05. Or use transaction type "Sell".
    I assume that you changed qty calculated precision as per this thread:
    For specific report if you want to increase number precision, select header (or actually any Pivot Table value in that column), right mouse click, "Value Field Settings", then in "Show Values As" tab click on button "Number Format" then change format to increase precision. For example in TransInfo table for TransQty format is:

    You can change that format to:

    Above change will show 5 digits after dot if 2-5 digits are not null.
  • I missed the part on setting the price if using SellTA.

    I had already set the precision as per our previous discussion.

    A different option could be "SymbolTransferOut" and use the number of shares and share price. This would take care of the cash balance and share balance but you'd lose the ability to see the fee.

    I ended up using SellTA and then BankFee. One I run through all my inputs I'll see if I can zero out the cash balance as there is no cash in the account.

    Thanks for your help.
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