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Manual Clearing/Closing position

Hi , Can someone help me how to identify some of my transaction as Cleared/Closed so they wouldn't show in open items. As Portfolio sticker do auto clearing by searching with last and next 10 transaction only to identify the closed transactions, and in some case auto clearing will not give the needed results if symbol still have quantity, is there a way to do manual clearing for partial sold items ? I am thinking to add a txt column with values cleared or open item but if there an appropriate way to do it please advice.
Thank You All


  • Hi,

    I am assuming that you are talking about Holdings tab where you see symbols that were sold.

    Go to holdings tab and select "Qty Held" cell for that symbol - and you will have value of how much shares you still have.
    Then in srcTrans table you can:
    1. Adjust last sales transaction for that symbol and increase that amount by the number of shares you still have, so after that sale qty is 0. Make sure that TotalAmnt value is as expected.
    2. Or you can enter new transaction with the same date as the last sale, but use transaction type "SymbolTransferOut" for Qty equal to qty you are still holding.

    It is possible that I did not understand question, in this case can you please clarify what you want to do.
  • Hi , First of all Thank You for your App .

    Case is : If I purchased a stock on multi transaction and partially sold some and re bought some then sold some within tow different months (1000+ 750+250+1500+500-1000-1000)

    In Holding Tab "Qty Held" is right as it shows (2000) But the "Capital Gain" will considered all as unrealized gain however the case is some are realized.

    In Sales Tab the model will not consider this a fully sold because I still have some quantity (2000) so will not consider any results for that symbol as its still an open item for its calculation or not realized gain yet.

    How to consider some exact transaction as closed or cleared (Sold) Items . (1500+500-1000-1000) or could be ( 1000+750+250-1000-1000) as per user identify .
  • Hi,

    I just checked and PS should not be behaving like you described. When you sell partial share holdings, you should see that in Sales report (for the year selected). WHen you sell shares that should be reflected in Holdings, including cost basis. Please make sure that you do not have any slicers selected, specifically for dates.
    If you are seeing this behaviour, could you send me your Excel workbook and specify symbol that has this problem? My email is posted on this page:
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