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Last Quote and Last Exch Date

Hi Vidas,

These fields are no longer updating. I have checked and it appears that the current share price is correct. Any idea why they would not be updating?



  • edited June 8
    Please check Overview tab - because that is where the values are placed and then they are copied to all other tabs.
    In Overview tab LastQuote is "mini" Pivot table. Check if you see anything strange there. So just select LastQuote date and then on the right you will see selected fields from PivotTable.
  • everything appears correct
  • Can you send me your Excel workbook? My email address is posted on this page:
  • Hi Joe,

    I am able to reproduce the problem. Could you please also send me all files from PSData folder?
  • Hi Joe,

    I can see that in the workbook you send me, pivot tables are updated and appear to have the latest data, but Last Quote and Last Exch Date is not updated. But if I do data refresh, workbook and LastDate/Last Exch Date are updated right away.
    So how do you refresh workbook?
    I refresh by going to the "Data" menu and choosing "Refresh All"->"Refresh All".
    Can you try to refresh it like that and see if your LastDate issue will go away?
  • Hi Vidas,
    That is exactly how I do a data refresh. I just tried again and it is still not updating those two fields.
  • Hi Joe,

    1. What version of Excel are you using? I tested on Excel 2016 and it worked.
    2. When you first reported, you said "They are no longer updated". Does that mean they were updating before? If so, do you remember what happened around the time it stopped updating (current date in that field).

  • The last date in the field when I sent it was the last time I had updated. Using 2016. I did move from one PC to a new PC so not sure if that has something to do with it?
  • Hi Joe,

    Could you please make sure that you office is updated? File->Account_>OfficeUpdates/Update Options->Update Now.
  • All good now Vidas. The update is what was needed. Sorry for all the trouble...
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