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Exchange rate issues from Apr 28, 2017

Bank of Canada changed how exchange rates are provided from Apr 28, 2017. Because of this current scripts are not providing updated exchange rate data. I do not maintain script that updates exchange rates, but I contacted original script author asking him to update script. When this script will become available, it will be updated on this website and note will be posted here.


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    Yes, there was a change and after Apr 28, 2017 exchange data is not available if using old download method.
    I used new method, but the rate is not "noon" or "closing" rate - it is "average" rate - read more bank of canada website.

    I updated script to get exchange rates and it can be downloaded here:

    Please "unblock" zip file after downloading, or "unblock" .ps1 file after unzipping - otherwise script will not work. How to unblock:

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    Maxim - Thank you!!!!

    I updated main download zip file to include updated script.

    1. Download script from your link:
    2. Unblock zip file
    3. Unzip file - there will be one .ps1 file inside
    4. Copy new .ps1 file to folder where your all script files are located.
  • Thanks for the update. Do you know if the support for DKK has stopped? I can't seem to get this currency to work, but it works with NOK, SEK, USD and EUR.
  • Hi William,

    Sorry, but it looks that bank of canada dropped support for DKK. I have no idea why they did that. And I cannot offer you any solution for that too - just if you can manually enter exchange rates into the file. For normal functionality PS expects at least one exchange rate value every 10 calendar days.
  • Vidas & Maxim, Thanks for the script update. I could see what was happening with PS, but was not quite sure what to do about it. PortfolioSlicer is by far the most important tracking program on my PC now.

    On a somewhat different note, I recently came across this website - It might be a good alternative to Google/Yahoo for stock Symbol and possibly currency updates around the world. Could we ask Maxim if the site is worthy of being a data source and having it's own script?

    Many Regards
  • The European Central Bank (ECB) offers historic Data

    It would be great to have a script using this data source.

  • Buddyb - I checked eoddata website - it requires subscription and I do not believe that most of the users would be willing to pay. If I would want to pay them for license to distribute data - that would cost way too much.

    Bgo82 - thank you very much for this link to EBC. I will look into this!
  • Hello Vidas,

    After updating new script, I receive exchange rate in a wrong format. Decimal points are missing.

    This is the example from EUR_USD.txt file

    And this is from USD_EUR.txt file

    Is there a way to fix it ?
    Maybe the reason is I'm running windows with european international settings?

    Thank you very much in advance for your help, and for your powerful tool !

  • Good evening Alessandro,

    I updated script to better handle international regional settings. Please download script from original location:, do not forget to Unblock it and then unzip.
    Also, please open files in CurrExch folder and remove last lines with incorrect data before runing this script. If you will see any problems, please post here.

    Best regards,
  • Fixed !

    Thank you, Maxim

  • Hi Maxim:

    I'm getting strange results with the new script. The last lines in my CAD_USD.txt file read:

    These are all banking holidays I believe?

    Thanks for your scripts!
  • clang,

    I had exactly same issue. I simply deleted these bad lines from these files in CurrExch folder and re-run script and it all worked after that OK. So this is temporary solution - manually delete these lines.
    But yes, there is an issue with new script that needs to be addressed! Maxim, could you please look into this? Thank you!
  • clang,vidas,

    I updated my script for exchange rates - please download it again. This issue should be fixed now.
  • Exchange is only updating to 2017.

    Psconfig is on a 12/31/2013 minimum date

    what should I do?
  • fjjohann,

    Download latest scripts, including .bat files. These updated scripts should update exchange rate up to latest day. Before download backup your psConfig.txt
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