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PS Cash balance in dashboard too high

Hi There :)

I currently have a TFSA (open about a year) and a RRSP (open about a month) in my PS workbook. I've gone through and entered in all my data, and the RRSP is spot on for my cash balance. The TFSA has many more associated transactions, however I've gone through and I think the data is correct. The cash balance in my TFSA is showing at $1944 when it should only be about $166.

I'm not sure if this is associated, but one of the stocks in the Dashboard top 10 losers is showing at 100% (I bought it a week ago and then sold it yesterday at a loss of about $75) and that stock price in total was about $2000.

Any suggestions as to how to troubleshoot both the cash balance issue and the stock profit issue?

Thanks for your hard work!


  • Please check:
    1. Account currency and reporting Currency. You can also try switching reporting currency (slicer on each page) to "* Original".
    2. Check that account balance in srcTrans worksheet - that is order transactions by date and check last transaction "Cash Balance". Does that match your expectation? If no, check transactions before to see if they adjust cash balance as you would expect.
    3. Do you have "Generated Dividends" enabled? Open file c:\PortfolioSlicer\PSData\dividends.csv- and check if symbols in your TFSA have generated dividends.

  • Thanks for the reply

    How do you check the account currency and reporting currency? In the "src" tab, I have Original = 0, USD = 2, and CAD = 1. I tried the slicer on each page to *Original* but no change to the cash balance.

    The last Cash Balance in the srcTrans is $1944.09 which is the same figure on the Dashboard page, however the figure should only be about $166.

    There are only two lines in the dividends.csv. First line is "PayDate DividendPerShare Symbol" and the second line is "2017-05-02 0.0000000001 * Cash"

  • OK,

    so if your cash balance in srcTrans matches Dashboard, then the issue is with transactions. Please make sure that all values in Date field are correct. Please double check that TransType is correct too. Check CashImpact for ever transaction - do they look reasonable. If you have not too many transactions, you will see how each transaction contributes to CashBalance. If you have lots of transactions, start to compare last transaction in each year with cash balance in the bank statement, then investigate transactions in the year.
    I could review your transactions, but it is unlikely that I will see the problem - as problem is not likely technical, it is just some transaction is not correct.

  • Hi Vidas

    You were correct it was a transaction issue and now the Cash Balance is correct down to the penny :)

    Do you have any thoughts on why the symbol NXR.UN is showing a -100% profit in the top 10 losers?

    The first image is from the Dashboard, and the second image comes from the Daily Tab.

    Thanks again for your help.
  • Hi,

    It is very possible that symbol you are using should be NXR-UN.TO
    Please check if you have quotes for that symbol - go into Quotes subfolder and find file that starts with NXR. If no such file exists, add to psConfig.txt NXR-UN.TO and update your transactions or add symbol alias that maps NXR.UN to NXR-UN.TO.
    Let me know if that works, or no.
  • I tried NWR-UN.TO but there is no historical data on Yahoo (it's a newer stock) so I switched it over to Google web thinking that might have been the problem.

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