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Data fetch from Yahoo no longer working


My quotes from Yahoo have not been updating since May 12. I'm wondering if it is just me.

When I visit this site, which the script uses to fetch the quotes:

I get:
Will be right back...
Thank you for your patience.
Our engineers are working quickly to resolve the issue.



  • Erik,

    I am having the same problem. In the past yahoo had issues with quote availability and it was usually resolved over few days. Lets just wait for few more days.
  • Same for me. No EOD data from Yahoo, but it does provide the interday data. (It makes for an interesting "Daily" Tab). In time, I'm sure in time things will work themselves out.
  • It does appear that the Yahoo Finance team has permanently discontinued this service, albeit silently without an official announcement. See the discussion here:

    Intraday data still works... for now.

  • Clang,

    Wow. This is devastating news. At this point probably best option is to switch quote extraction to google. Later I will post here step by step guide on how to do so in case this is acceptable solution, and I believe it will be for most of the users.
  • No kidding! A lot of people seem to have been relying on Yahoo's quote extraction services.

    I see that the scripts already seem built-in capability to extract from Google, so I'm sure many of us users of PS will be grateful if you would post a step-by-step guide to how to make the transition from Yahoo to Google.

    Many thanks for PS and your help

  • Hi,

    Fist guide on how to switch from Yahoo to Google(GoogleWeb):

    I'll update with more details over the weekend when I'll have more time to look at this.
  • I just noticed the additional posts here. My earlier post talked about POSSIBLY using "" as a PS data source. There is a FREE EOD download account that you can sign up for. I'm now going deeper into this data feed over the next few days, as the site appears to be aligned with my (personally owned) "AmiBroker" charting program, and it's companion "auto-price download program" called "". If I connect to the "Free" EOD data stream, I'll have a better idea if this can also work as a data source for PortfoilioSlicer. As was once said ...."I'll be back" ..... with my findings (on this thread), until then:
    Regards to all,
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