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Possible modification needed to "GetQuotesGoogle.ps1" script

It appears Stock quotes on the website use a format that has a " : " as part of the stock symbol lookup name. For example, To request a quote for BlackBerry Ltd on the Canadian TSX exchange, you would use the Symbol Name TSE:BB. The current "GetQuotesGoogle.ps1" script creates the final data file with the name "_TSE_BB_.txt". A modification is needed to this PortfolioSlicer script file so that the Symbol Name located INSIDE the Text file, also has the " : " replaced with a " _ " character.


  • Hi Buddyb,

    I am using this script for some of quotes and I have no problems. My understanding is that file name and symbol name inside of that file could be different, but that did not cause any issues. I was told that file names had to be slightly different because of "technical reasons".
    Did you encounter any issue with this setup?
  • Hi Vidas,

    I'll check my stuff again, but while waiting for alignment between PortfolioSlicer and the Yahoo website, I switched one of my PortfolioSlicer symbols from Yahoo over to Google. The "Web refresh" operation was completed and I could see the new Google Data file in my "Quotes" folder, with the Symbol File Name was modified by replacing ":" with "_". ( At this time, inside the file, each EOD quote entry still had ":" within the symbol name). When I refreshed PortfolioSlicer, the daily PS tab was still not totally "correct" for me.

    Everything within PortfolioSlicer updated, and looked like I think things should look within PortfolioSlicer, only after I went back into the "Quotes" folder, and edited the particular Google Symbol file, by replacing the ":" with a "_" for each daily Symbol Name throughout the file.

    Hope this helps the cause.

    (Also, I'm a member of AmiBroker, and they also do a "Stock data download" operation from many different stock data sources. They have just released an update to their stock price down-loader program called They cite the need to update the price down-loader program because of some sort of recent format change within the Yahoo wesite (???).)

    Keep up your incredible work with PortfolioSlicer - It has become my go-to program that is defining my financial life.

  • Buddyb,

    Just follow steps in this post: and you should be able to switch from Yahoo go Google without any problems.

    I just switched my portfolio to Google scripts and it is all working perfectly. I am only missing Intraday quotes.
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