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SymbolTransferIn SymbolTransferOut counted as realized capital gain

Hi Vidas,
I can't figure out what I am doing wrong, concerning switching brokerage, while I am applying the required steps:
Account A: Stock ABC - succession of BuyTA for an overall amount of 10 kUSD and let's say 1000 shares

On the day of transfer, I take
Account A: Stock ABC - SymbolTransferOut using the total number of shares and indicate in the price column the stock value at the day of the transfer
Account B: Stock ABC - SymbolTransferIn reporting the same number of shares, the stock value at the date of transfer and also indicates the sum of the BuyTA (price+fees) in the column CostBasis override

Indeed, I can see in the Holdings tab does not report accordingly
the cost basis reports the precise sum of BuyTAs and seems OK here
the unrealized capital gain is also reporting OK
the realized capital gain indicates a huge negative value which increases the avg book value and on the other hand decreases the profit, capital gain columns accordingly.

I can't figure out the reason of it and what I am filling out wrong in the srcTrans tab. Thanks a lot for your help, Ben


  • Hi, For "Account A" transaction - can you try specifying CostBasisOverride and see if that works.
  • Hi Vidas, specifying the CostBasisOverride works to rebalance indeed, thanks a lot. Indeed, the AvgBookValue column reports a way higher value compared to the CostBasis column, which reports the right one.

    And the Delta does not seem to correspond to any other column. Do you have any reason for that? And does it affect other calculations? As it seems the gains are calculated on the Cost basis as I can see. Thanks and have a good day ahead
  • Ben,

    This looks like a bug. But this should not affect any other calculations.
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