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How to record transactions from EUR account to USD account

I have been working with my broker for couple of years with a main account in EUR and accepting their exchange rate at every transaction. I have been able to track my transactions (indistinctive if shares were in EUR or USD) with Portfolioslicer with no issue, just filling Buy / Sell, the price and ExchRate columns. So far so gut.

But now I realized that DeGiro is offering the option to have a second account in USD. I wanted to try out to mitigate exchange rate impact, so I sold one US Share ABC of value 30$: the fee (0,5EUR) was deducted from the "EUR account", and the 30$ were deposited in the "USD account". Then I bought another US Share XYZ of 20$: the fee was deducted again from the "EUR account", and the share was bought with funds from the "USD account", leaving this account with 10$ aftewards.

The difficulty now is how to track this movements with Portfolio slicer. I created a second account in the account list, saying it was in USD. But then I have been playing with Buy / Sell / SymbolTransferIn / SymbolTransferOut / SymbolTransferOut as Sale, but none seems to replicate the movements correctly.

Also I was wondering if I need to and how to move somehow all my USD Shares to the second acount and continue the tracking from there. May be I have to switch off Cash tracking. No clue.

If someone can help, that would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


  • Antoni,

    On this page please read ExchRate column information: This will give you some idea on how to track USD symbols in EUR account or vice versa. Basically you have to keep in mind that all transactions are in ACCOUNT currency and if you want to change that - you specify ExchRate value for Price and Fee calculation.
    BUT - Porfolio Slicer (PS) does not support transactions that would span multiple accounts. For that case you would enter these transactions as separate transactions into each account (Share price from one account and fee from another as per your example), but you would loose relationship between fee and actual buy transaction.
    When transfer symbols between accounts, you should always Specify Price and Qty and most often also specify CostBasisOverride value to transfer IN original cost basis. For cash transfers you would use Deposit/Withdrawal transaction type, but if currency changed, then you would covert these amounts to correct currency.
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