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Symbol Change for Stock

Hello, I did a search through the forums but didn't see anything on this topic. I don't believe this is a symbol rename scenario that you describe as in this case, the symbol has changed on the stock exchange (or more precisely, change in stock exchange).

I have a holding that where the symbol was SYZ.V and has now changed to SYZ.TO. What is the best way to record a transaction(s) to set SYZ.V holdings to 0 and create the new holding? Would using a symbol transfer out/in within the same account be the best way to accomplish this?

Thank you.



  • Yes, do transactions:
    SymbolTransferOut - with the price at the end of the change
    SymbolTransferIn - with the same price as previous transaction but also please specify CostBasisOverride with original purchase total price.
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