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Top Ten Holding/Top ten losers. Not showing!

The above image is what I found in the dashboard, I was wondering if you can help me as my current overview sheet looks like this:


  • Over time reports were changed and not all reports are now available, even they are still visible in "promotional" images.
    In your case you have to figure out what is wrong with symbol SRNG - it shows as loss of 100%, so please check if you have quotes for that symbol.
  • Thanks Vidas.
    Yes regarding the loss of 100%. I did put the right quote in Scripts from yahoo and it does have historical data on Can you please help me with that.

    Also if i want to change the overview report to show the top ten/bottom ten will that be possible?
  • Can you go to the report Mthly-Symbol and select your symbol SRNG and remove account and Year and MonthInYear slicer selections. You will see that symbol monthly values. Review them and pay attention when profit for the month is not reasonable.

    You can easily customize reports and introduce Top 10 winners YTD - please search online how to do that in Excel Pivot table. These reports were replaced because Top 10 reports were using lots of resources to create.
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