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v3.0 reports are using Demo data

I have installed and migrated my data to v3.0 (while leaving v2.4 data in another directory)
When I run the Reports-Light worksheet, it populates with the Demo data. I've deleted the Demo directory, but this still happens.
Any suggestions?


  • Check your UpdatePSData.bat file and then check folder c:\PortfolioSlicer\PSData
    Check files dates - were they created at the time you run .bat file?
    Then open file Transactions.csv and if that file contains your latest version files. To be sure, before running .bat file you and add one "Fake" transactions, for example deposit for 1$ and see if that is in your new extract.
  • I checked and ran the UpdatePSData.bat file. All of the timestamps in the PSData directory are correct. I checked the Account.csv file and it is my data. All of the created files seem to be my data as expected. When I refresh inside the Reports-Light (or Reports) spreadsheet I get the following error in a Excel popup: Excel couldn't refresh the table 'Symbol'. Here's the error message from the external data source: The operation failed because the source does not contain the requested column. You can fix this problem by updating the column mappings. More Details: The 'CurrencyBase' column does not exist in the rowset. An error occured while processing the table 'Symbol'. The current operation was cancelled because another operation in the transaction failed.

    I then added a value of USD in the CurrencyBase field. and went through the steps again. I go tht esame message and can go no further.
  • edited October 25
    Problem Solved!!!
    Additional information:
    I had kept the old v2.4 in the PortfolioSlicer directory and created PortfolioSlicer3 for the 3.0 version.
    On a whim, I renamed the 2.4 directory and renamed the new directory to c:\PortfolioSlicer\

    Now everything works fine. I apologize for the confusion and your efforts to solve them.
  • Based on error message, new Symbol table has new column CurrencyBase, but script was trying to extract it from old Excel workbook where that column did not exists.
    I am glad you resolved this issue!
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