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Circular issue V2

Dear Vidas,
I am wondering how to solve this circular dependence, and can't figure out. Do you have any clue where it could come from looking at the formula in the popup box?

Also I am telling me perhaps the time to switch to the V3 version, but would rather do it after the completion of the Beta, as I am not an advance user. Can you inform us when the official version will be released after the beta version?
Many thanks in advance for your feedbacks, have a good day


  • It is likely you have data error in your source Transaction table.
    There is a good chance you have a transaction that does not make sense - sale of Symbol you do not have on that date or withdrawal of cash you do not have on that date.
    If looks OK, the follow these steps:

    1. Check srcTrans worksheet and pay attention to CashBalance column. At the end of each data CashBalance should be 0 or positive. If no issues found, please go to step 2.
    2. Check how many currencies you defined and make sure you have exchange rates for all currencies. You can see your Currency Exchange data in PSDataExtract\CurrExch folder - each file represents exchange data between one currency pair. Check last dates in each file - are they up to date? If all good, go to step 3.
    3. Make a copy of your Excel workbook. In srcTrans worksheet order data by date and then delete year 2021 data. Try to refresh. If that does not work, then try deleting data for 2020 and again attempt refresh. If works, then your issue is with 2020 data - carefully review it in original workbook. You specific looking for some anomalies - example sale of stock you do not have on that date, withdrawal of cash that is not account, etc. If do not see anything suspicious, your can restore backup and then delete 2021 data and part of 2020 (like last 6 months). Try refreshing after your changes and if you can, then issue is in the data you deletede. Restore and look into it again.

    Let me know if you found your issue.
  • Dear Vidas, the 2 first steps were OK and moved to step 3. I did a back-up of the scrTrans as suggested and then proceeded step by step by adding a month of transaction at a time, then could isolate the line causing the circular iteration. To be honest, this line (a BuyTA) was written in the same way as other similar transaction, but indeed, I could find a workaround to include it in another equivalent transaction few days before, deleted this row, and now it works well. No more circular issue. Thanks a lot. I continue to use the V2 as it is, and look forward to the V3 when the Beta will be completed to make the migration. Any forecast about it? Have a good day onward, Best, Ben
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