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Trouble with Batch File

Hi there,

Starting recently (last week or so) my batch file UpdatePSData.bat has not been working.

When I run it, it will only run the quotes script and update the quotes data. Then it will stop and the command window will remain open indefinitely. It will not go on and run the other scripts and it will not perform the checks.

I'm running the 2.4 version of PS. I have my files in a onedrive folder but I pause syncing to rule out issues relating to that.

Where can I start looking for the problem? Anyone else have a similar issue start recently? I never had this issue before and I haven't made any changes to my files.


  • Hi,

    Probably there is an issue with the script running in your environment. First, you need to identify the exact script that is failing and then run just that script and see behaviour.
    Can you post here screenshot of your running script that list what steps executed and where it is failing and I'll try to give you more guidance what to do.
  • Hey Vidas,

    after trying several times I have not been able to recreate the "error" I was having with running the batch file. So that's good. :)

    Thanks for your help.
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