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TD.TO not updating correctly

Hello. I've been using PS 2.4 for a few years now, no issues I couldn't find a fix on here. For the last 3-4 days, TD.TO value doesn't change on my PS despite my scripts running smoothly and no errors or failed updates. TD.TO updates, but with the wrong information (script value for TD.TO showing 92.27$ vs real value of 95.77$ (Nov 24) and 96.11$ (Nov 25)). I changed the value in the quotes files and in the intraday file to the current value found online, updated my PS file and still no change in my TD.TO shares value (still showing-calculating TD.TO @92.27$).

Any idea what I can do?


  • Forgot to mention that ALL my other stocks are showing the correct daily values.
  • Probably just yahoo finance issue (assuming you are using Yahoo finance for that). Usually these issues resolve themseves in a few days. Please wait few days and see if issue resolves. I checked and it appears to me it works OK today, but see if it works for you.
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