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V3.0 - Sector/Sensitivity/Currency Graphs Don't Update

In the Report (Holdings tab), the Sector pie chart does not seem to update when selecting different Account views. It appears to just stay static, with the same Sector allocations show regardless if I have 1 account or all 7 accounts selected. The Holdings % chart seems to update with Account selection changes, but not the Sector, Sensitivity or Currency charts. Am I doing this wrong?

Love this tool BTW!


  • This is a bug, I just fixed in v3.1
    For you to fix follow steps:
    - Select Account slicer then go menu "Slicer", then Choose "Report Connections" button.
    - Select checkbox next to "cSector" and then click OK.

  • Awesome sauce! That worked, thank you for the quick reply. Assume I do similar for cCurrency? I don't see anything for cSensitivity, perhaps that one is named differently? (I see one for Chart 10, guessing it's this one?)

    Looking forward to v3.1!!
  • yes, cCurrency and Chart 10 can be checked too!
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