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Missing dividends from Yahoo

I am running V2.4.14 and don't see any more dividend updates this year (2022). Do I need to run V2.4.15 to fix that?
If so, I would have to recreate the entire psConfig.txt file. That would be huge task.
I saw some discussion that other users have the same problem with dividends but did not see any successful conclusion.
Do I need to give up on dividend updates?


  • I enter my dividends manually in net value, after taxes and fees. Dividends in Yahoo are sometimes not correct and Yahoo shows the gross dividend. I want to see net dividend in my tables.
  • I found that dividend data is not consistently provided by Yahoo. So "generated dividends" functionality was removed from v3
    It should still work in v2. Please first confirm that script GetDividends-Yahoo.ps1 is still executed, then check in Scripts\Log\GetDividends-Yahoo.txt log file - it might give you more info about failure reasons.
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